Canteens with all modern facilities have been provided in both the Wings of the College :The Boys’ Wing and the Girl’s Wing.


The College has a computerized, well stocked and air conditioned Library. The new Magazines, Journals & New Entries etc. are displayed on the racks. Library has a Book-Bank Facility for needy and meritorious students. The Library also has a photocopier and Internet facilities for the use of students and Staff. At present No. of Books in the Library is 40235 books. It subscribes 18 Newspaper and 66 periodicals and Journals. Del Net online service is available during all the working hours.

RULES :- 1. Every Student will be issued two library tickets for the borrowing of books from the library. 2. Library and Reading room will remain open during the College office hours. 3. Maintaining Silence in the library and the reading room is important. 4. Library tickets are non-transferable. On the loss of the ticket, A student must bring it to the notice of the librarian immedately. 5. A Duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-.6. A Student will be responsible for the damage/loss of books issued to him/her. In the event of the Student’s writing on the pages of the books or in the event of tearing them, he/she will have to replace it with the latest edition of the book or pay its price.

7. Reference books and magazines will be consulted in the library only. 8. Loss of library book/books should immediately be reported to the librarian of the college. 9. Books will to be issued for 14 days only but in case of urgency, the Students can be asked to return the books enen before 14 days. 10. In the event of not returning the books by the due date, a fine of Rs.1/- per day, per book, per student will be charged.


Cultural programmes are meant to develop in students free expression, a sense of responsibility, artistic talents, discipline and the quality of leadership. Different Committees and Councils in the College arrange different programmes such as Play, Speech, Debate, Poetic Recitation, Stroy Writing, Quiz, Music and Dance Competitions. Attendance of Students in these functions is compulsory. Students are encouraged to participate in Inter-college competitions and youth festivals.


The Sports Department of the College provides facilities for the games like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badmintion, Boxing, Kho-Kho, Khabaddi etc. Students are encouraged to participate in many inter-college sports competitions. In the Girls’Wing of the College sports facilities for indoor games like Table-Tennis, Carrom Board, Chess and Badminton are available.


Under the National Policy, to make Women more vigilant and give them more space and power in social, political and economic fields, the women Development Cell has been effectively working in the college to serve the cause of women empowerment. The cell works under the guidence of a committee of lectureres headed by the convener. Under-the guidence of the Principal, the cell tries to make the girls aware of the present position of women in the society through extension lectures, workshops etc.


Every year, the Students (Boys and Girls) are sent on educational tours to various attractive tourist places. Apart from long tours, the students are also sent to one-day trips from time to time.