IQAC Vision/Mission


About IQAC

To create and maintain quality of Education in Institutions is one of the major challenges of Higher Education. In order to institutionalize the process of quality enhancement, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in our College in 2010. The IQAC is a Nodal Agency for monitoring the working of the Institution and is committed to overall quality enhancement in the Institution.



To create an atmosphere of allround excellence in the Institution with the purpose of grooming academically sound and morally correct students



The IQAC ensures improvement in the Institution with the active cooperation of all the stakeholders. The NAAC advocates establishment of IQAC by every Institution to make Quality enhancement an integral part of the Institutional functioning. IQAC is expected to create healthy and meaningful academic practices in the Institution. Not only does it plan and implement the good academic practices but also  measures the extent of its implementation.


Goals and objectives

The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system of conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. It strives to move forward towards achieving the vision and mission of the Institution.


The following members constitute the IQAC of the Institution:-

Sr. No. Names Members
1. Dr. Arun Jain Chairman
2. Sh. A.K. Sharma Coordinator
3. Dr.(Mrs.) Keshi Taneja Member from Faculty
4. Mrs. Madhu Arora Member from Faculty
5. Dr.(Mrs.) Anju Deshwal Member from Faculty
6. Mr. Pritam Ahuja Member from Management
7. Mr. Rajesh Katyal Member from Management
8. Mr. M.S. Kapoor Member from Society
9. Mr. Ravinder Saxena Member from Society
10. Sh. O.P. Sharma Member from Administrative Staff
11. Sh. Pawan Dhingra Member from Administrative Staff
12. Sh. Virander Dua Member from Alumni
13. Ms. Shrishti Student Member
14. Ms. Bharti Student Member
15. Mr. Akhil Nandal Student Member
16. Mr. Garvit Student Member